Hello,I am going to talk about possible outcomes in the future regarding the colonization of Mars.

I think that at some point a future colony would want to declare independence,both caused by social and environmental change.I also think that,on the long term,all the organisms (including humans) will evolve to better suit their environment.

New Nation(s)

Every now and then the government does something that upsets everyone.As a society the current generation to find ways to live through these problems.However,younger possible generations on Mars would almost unanimously want to declare independence.It would pretty much be like "We gained independence from a King who was halfway around the world,why should we follow the rules of a President millions of miles away?".If future Martian residents are successful at getting what they want,there will be a few economic problems,as with all new republics,but with Mars' untouched resources-the most obvious being iron and other minerals,and land that could be used for agriculture-the economy would stabalize.

New creatures?

Any organisms we introduce,including ourselves,would adapt to Mars' otherworldly conditions,the most impacting change beind gravity.Mars has only abouth 38% of Earth's gravity,making the high muscle mass of animals useless,and even difficult to use.

((More later))

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