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Terraforming in LiteratureEdit

Several science fiction novels and short stories have terraforming as either part of the stories background or as a main theme or plot in the story. 

The Mars Trilogy, 1993 - 1996

One of the most famous of these is the Mars Trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson. The three volumes follows the terraforming of Mars, starting witht the first permentant colonists. 

Red Mars

Published in 1993 and set in 2026, Red Mars follows the lifes and times of the first colonists of Mars, their thoughts and feeling on terraforming, relationship with Earth and the very early steps of terraforming. These first steps include altering the atmosphere using bio-enginered algae and bacteria.

Green Mars

The second book in the series

Blue Mars

The third book in the series

Terraforming in Film and Television.Edit

Film featuring terraforming:

Total Recall

Terraforming in Games Edit

Tabletop and Board Games:

Games Workshop's 'Warhammer 40,000' game features a background in which Mars is terraformed with a resulting ecology similar of that to Earth, but which is later all but destroyed by a planet-wide war. 

Video Games: 

TerraGenesis, a game for iOS, allows users to colonize and terraform Mars, Venus, Earth, and various fictional planets. Using real data and statistics from NASA, it renders planets in real-time with customizable coastlines and ecosystems, and calculates habitability for both flora and fauna based on global temperature, atmospheric pressure and composition, sea level, and biosphere. 

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