This page is all about the Terraforming Wiki and other forms of Space Colonization.

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There was a need to help out the many inquisitive yet confused minds which wonder about space colonization, which is how this site came into being. Though this site is still in its infancy, it promises to give a reason to wonder of what lays beyond tomorrow for us as a species and our co-inhabitants.

This Wiki was created for Terraforming and Space Colonization enthusiasts, with hope to attract those who would be willing to invest their time in this venture. (Side Note: don’t let this project rule you)

This wiki is created to discuss the potential of terraforming other planets to fit human standards. This project will produce a form of awareness, about just how hard it is to make a planet habitable to us, should we ever give up on this one. As people learn to create earthlike biomes elsewhere they will also be reminded and taught of what they are at times taking for granted here.

If successful the plan and its potential could be used as a guidebook to execute an actual terraforming project. Different methodologies will be discussed here. Should we as a collective succeed in this undertaking, then we would be one or more worlds richer.

Topics of discussion would also involve space travel, settlements, time tables, and developments of applicable technologies.

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