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A restricted planet (or moon) is a celestial body where access is restricted for various reasons. Such places exist today on Earth and certainly will exist in future.

Reservation planet Edit

Main article: Reservation Planet.

A reservation planet has restricted access for various reasons:

  • To offer a large autonomy to a group of humans who settled there a long time ago, before Galactic Colonization occurred
  • To protect natural landscapes on a planet without life
  • To protect Alien life when discovered
  • To allow wild Earth life species to survive.

A special type of reservation planet could be home of a religious movement or could be a museum.

Embargo planet Edit

Just as we see today, some states like North Korea violate many human rights and are placed under a strict embargo. For sure, such states could be found in the future.

Quarantine planet Edit

This will happen if a dangerous disease is discovered on a planet or a moon. It will be placed under quarantine until all germs are destroyed. Some radical solutions like a Fire Flood could be used if anything else fails.

In addition, a quarantine planet could be used to re-settle all individuals found positive or passive carrying a dangerous disease.

Civilian restricted planet Edit

A planet hosting military bases and equipment, prisons or detention camps or government testing areas could also be imagined. Civilian access will not be permitted.

Corporate restricted planet Edit

If we think of the day when galactic colonization will occur, then we have to consider the huge number of planets, planetoids and moons in a galaxy. Many megacorporations will have their own planets. In some places, access will be restricted as private territories.

Naturally restricted planet Edit

There are remote planets surrounded by many hazards, like radiation belts. Also, there are planets not feasible for any economical activity. Nature itself will make these worlds restricted for most humans.

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