There is enough space to form a seperate star system with Proxima Centauri to be made.Because of the Sun and Gliese 667 C system and Alpha Centuari and Gliese 667 B.Proxima Centuari and Alpha Centauri B could be a far orbiting binary system.Or add another star like Gliese 667 at distance that it would to for Gliese 667 C to orbit our sun would be greatly 300 AU's.The distance between this star system and the sun would be about 1,000-10,000 AU.We have over 3 light years of space.Alpha Centauri B will no longer be it orginal name.It would likely change to Gliese 667 B and Proxima Centauri name would likely change to Gliese 667 (AB).Gliese 667 A is a more dominate star than the others.This system could have enough space to have planets around all 3 stars.The system is would likely be  larger than our own solar system.Gliese 667 A and Gliese 667 B will likely have a 60 year peroid orbit around Gliese 667 A. Gliese 667 (AB) is likely to orbit around both of the stars 150-300 years.Both stars could have over 15 planets in their system each. Each planet moon would be earth like or gas giants with earth like moons.

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