This page is meant to show the lifetime of a planet: steps required from the moment humans want step foot on a planet, during research and terraforming processes, the colonization divided in a few steps and all up to the moment when the planet is abandoned.

Since the steps and processes involved are highly complex and a single article cannot contain all, this page will have multiple links to pages that are to be added.

Research phase Edit

See also: Research Station

During this phase, scientists will send manned and unmanned probes to the planet and in orbit, will conduct complex geological surveys and will come to a plan, showing if and how a planet or moon can be terraformed.

Research phase would probably last a few years.

Terraforming phase Edit

See also: Terraforming Plant.

During this phase, the planet or moon is gradually transformed from what it were into a new Earth. Terraforming is very complex and requires several different, but interconnected processes:


Adjusting temperature: during all processes
Creating an atmosphere: 2 to 15 years
Creating oceans: 2 to 10 additional years
Ameliorating atmosphere: 13 to 50 years
Ameliorating Geography: 0 to 3 additional years
Improving soil and ocean salts: 0 to 20 years
Inserting life: 5 to 50 years 

Total: 23 to 148 Earth years.

Colonization phase Edit

During this phase, people come and create their settlements. There are several sub-phases, witch can last from years to millennia:

Destruction phase Edit

During this phase, since Maintaining a terrafomed world is sometimes expensive, at some point the costs involved will be too high. Also, Future wars can destroy a planet easy. As the planet becomes uninhabitable, settlers will move away.

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