A Martian, in terraforming related terms, is a person born on the planet mars. The word is similar in use as earthling is to earth. This term, if used in extent after the terraforming and colonization of mars, could be seen as socially incorrect, racist, or function as a call of comradery. This word, only through use, could spark a war between Earth and Mars, much like the term "Robot" could start a Human-Android war.

A person born on Mars could be in danger of not growing like normal. Weak or deformed bone shape could be a result of being born on a less than 1g planet. The life of a Martian would be Shorter than those on earth for a few hundred years tillmthenplanet is fully developed, due to a lack of fully uo to date medical technology.

Defintion of MartianEdit

Of planet Mars; found on, typical of, or originating from the planet Mars (Adjective)

Inhabitant of Mars; a supposed inhabitant of the planet Mars (Noun)