Gliese 667 C Is a red dwarf star that could have over 5 planet circling it.We will need to bend space by send negative waves to bring that star over.This could cause other star to interfere with gliese 667.We will need to be careful and let the object interfere slightly so the other stars can move out of the way. Gliese 667 as long as Gliese 581 could be a part of our solar system. Gliese 667 orbiting at 50-100 AU's could have and strong effect on Uranus and Neptune. This could make Neptune Orbit Gliese 667 and become one of the planets of Gliese 667. We cannot let that happen because it will effect our solar system in the wrong way like take all the the kuiper belt objects and throw it in the upper part of the solar system. Gliese 667 will have a orbit like any other planets in our solar system.Gliese 667 will be orbiting at a distance of 300-400 AU's from the sun.Gliese 667 orbiting at that distance will not effect the solar system. The Oort cloud could make new moons around the planets of Gliese 667 C.

Gliese 667 A we could take all of the Metals out of this star and make it a Metal poor type star.We can create new planet around that star. This could also make this star live much longer than it was going to live.Gliese 667 A might not be in our solar system could be a mid point into Alpha Centauri System and Proxima Centauri.We will need to take all the rich metels out of Proxima Centauri.For a star like a red or brown dwarf this could make them live as long as a Quadrilion years

Gliese 667 B could have a Similar process.Gliese 667 B could be a part of Proxima Centauri and be a binary star system of a G type Yellow Dwarf and a Red Dwarf.We also need to make Gliese 667 B metal poor. We could also create new planet in that star system.