Herschel /ˈhɜrʃəl/ is a huge crater in the leading hemisphere of the Saturnian moon Mimas, on the equator at 100°longitude. It is named after the eighteenth century astronomer William Herschel, who discovered Mimas in 1789.

The antipode of Herschel, with fractures (chasmata) possibly caused by Herschel's creation. Near the top, Ossa Chasma runs left of the double crater Gwynevere (upper left) and Launcelot.

Herschel is the largest crater relative to its parent body of any equilibrium planetary moon in the Solar System.[2] It is so large that astronomers have expressed surprise that Mimas was not shattered by the impact that caused it. It measures 139 kilometres (86 miles)[1] across, almost one third the diameter of Mimas. Its walls are approximately 5 km (3.1 mi) high,[3]parts of its floor are 10–12 km (6.2–7.5 mi) deep, and its central peak rises 6–8 km (3.7–5.0 mi) above the crater floor.[4] If there were a crater of an equivalent scale on Earth it would be over 4,000 km (2,500 mi) in diameter and wider than Canada, with walls over 200 km (120 mi) high.

Terraforming Herschel's Crater

If Terraforming Mimas is impossible that Doming Herschel's Crater on Mimas could be a great plan.Me could create a smaller civilization on Mimas by replenishing its atmosphere.The crater is large enough to support a medium to large size population Because of the Diameter being larger than Canada.

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