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Gliese 667 C, also known as GJ 667 C, is a component of the Gliese 667 triple star system. Located 6.8 parsecs (22 light-years) away from the Solar System in the constellation Scorpius, Gliese 667 C is a red dwarf with 1.4% of the luminosity of the Sun and a relatively cool effective temperature of 3,700 K at its surface. It is the smallest and least massive member of the Gliese 667 system. Gliese 667 C has been found to have a system of five confirmed extrasolar planets, all of which are super-Earths detected using the radial velocity method. Of these, three planets orbit in the habitable zone of their host star, allowing them to possess liquid water at their surfaces and thereby making them possible locations for the emergence of extraterrestrial life. Two other unconfirmed planets may exist in the system, though neither is considered to be habitable.

These five extrasolar planets include Gliese 667 Cb (GJ 667 Cb), Gliese 667 Cc (GJ 667 Cc), Gliese 667 Ce (GJ 667 Ce), Gliese 667 Cf (GJ 667 Cf) and Gliese 667 Cd (GJ 667 Cd).

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