Intro Edit

We have a lot of possibilities for technologies in the future. These possibilities are divided into eras.

21st Century Edit

2020 - 5G for phones

2023 - Hypothetical planet nine is discovered and named.

2025 - Manned exploration of near earth asteroids i.e Cruithane.

2027 - Common probes to Uranus

2029 - High orbit space station

2031 - Highly efficient radiation protection

2032 - Moon bases

2033 - Manned exploration of Mars

2036 - Common probes to Neptune

2039 - Airship probe to Titan

2042 - Possibility of methane based lifeforms on Titan

2045 - Extreme pressure protection for deep sea diving to the metallic oceans of the gas giants.

2048 - Terraforming of Mars is starting.

2051 - Station at a Lagrange point.

2054 - Asteroid mining companies forming

2059 - Large Martian colonies.

2060s - Public spaceflight is common

2063 - Civilian space hotels

2067 - Cryogenic freezing has been perfected.

2069 - Moon landing anniversary

2071 - Civilians on Mars.

2073 - Manned mission to Venus

2074 - The first space elevator is operational

2075 - Manned mission to Jupiter's moons

2078 - Possible discovery of life on Europa

2081 - Nano fibers / wires used in clothing to make very good thermal padding, resulting in lighter EVA suits

2087 - Probes to the Kuiper belt

2090 - Manned mission to Mercury / Vulcanoids

2095 - Probes to the Oort cloud

2097 - Large civilian population on Mars

22nd - 23rd centuries Edit

2101 - Start of the terraformation of Venus

2103 - FTL technologies becoming a reality

2108 - Probe to Alpha Centuri

2113 - Planetary colonies are gaining independence from Earth.

2114 - Manned colonization of Saturn's moons (Mainly to study methane based life)

2127 - Probes to exo-planets

2136 - Possible discovery of microbes on exo-planets

2141 - Asteroid Terrorism

2157 - Supreme weapon systems

2165 - A large chunk of Mars is now habitable

2178 - Phobos and Deimos are now large mining colonies, supplying Mars with minerals

2182 - Martian space elevator

2187 - Venusian space elevator

2190 - Manned colonization of the entirety of the solar system, humans have entered the Galactic Stage

2201 - Manned colonization of exo-planets

2200s - Superhuman powers

2220s - Guns are made useless

2250s - The human race is adapting to different enviroment

2270s - First definite contact with extra terrestrial lifeforms.

23rd - 31st centuries Edit

2300s - Rich businessmen buy whole solar systems to build colonies. Some of these aren't accessible at the current technologies

2400s - Humans are adapting to different environments

2500s - A large chunk of multiple terraformed planets are habitable.

2600s - Force fields are now in military use

2700s - Intelligent alien races are in contact

2800s - 3000s - At some point in this period, interstellar colonies are having interstellar wars. The result is multiple habitable planets are now destroyed by multiple weapons such as planetkiller arrays, asteroid redirection and global disasters.

2900s - Diamonds are worthless, now 55 Cancri E has now a permanent mining colony.

3000s - The solar system is privatized, with a Dyson sphere around Sol to power a system-wide force-field and toll booths

3rd - 10th Millenniums Edit

4000s - Colony ships are now bringing civilians to 'Rimworlds' or Earth-like planets. They tend to find destroyed cities, structures and information from precursor races that have destroyed themselves.

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