this is a peculiar idea, but we could form a solar system that is centered not by a star, but by a super earth 6 times the size of earth.

the advantagesEdit

  • having a super earth that is releasing matter because of tidal pulling could result in the formation of moons and planets that we could colonize.
  • alien waste released by bacteria that develop could be used in biomass plants.
  • colonies of space-resistant bacteria that have originated from these places could get big enough to be round and could cause reactions in the center that could create new metals-the same way stars forge other elements as well as fusing hydrogen. these metals could be used for new technology.

the processEdit

first a 3ft in diameter chunk of iron and nickel encased in ice would be sent hurtling beyond the sun. as it gets farther away, it would be colder, so another body encased in the same material will have to be sent with it to allow tidal heating once this moon gets larger. then, after the planet gains enough mass, we would send a probe and two people onto the planets surface. once ice beneath melts, we would introduce organic compounds and other elements into the ocean. then, after a while, the amino acids will form the first bacteria there, then their waste will be expelled into outer space through geysers. these sporadic eruptions will form a disk of debris that will form future planets, and if organisms manage to cling on to these pieces of debris, they will later evolve. soon, after a while, there will be young planets.

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