Dyson Tree is a proposed (hypothetical) genetically modified tree (plant) that would one day help humanity colonies comets for their water, asteroids for their metals/minerals, and meteors for lighter materials. This tree could be assigned a process known as thermogenesis to give off heat -to melt the ice around it and to burry itself deeper in the ground. Such is the case for a skunk cabbage (Symplocarpus foetidus).

Space Dwelling Dyson Tree Edit

They were proposed to be a space dwelling organisms for the simple reason of having optimum surface area on whatever small celestial object they inhabit.

Since plants are very hard to genetically modify (I think mainly because of their RNAi or RNA interferance), one possible way of creating this tree would have to be to use a pre-existing framework such as an ant plant, (Myrmecodia beccarii), with a trial and error outcomes. Then again genetic expression in space is quite different than that here on Earth. Conditioning life to adjust to low gravity bodies may be the way to go. The trees could be started out on Earth. A best lineage could then be sent to Mars, then our moon and other moons and large asteroids.

Planet Dwelling Dyson Tree Edit

If spread in seed form it would not require much attention because it would remain at its terminal velocity when it descends onto Mars, per se. Some sort of radiation sheilding materials could be impregnated to a synthetic seed.

Obviously, Dyson Tree cannot spread on a planet the way it would on a comet, asteroid, or a meteor because the pressures of a planet would place a limit to how far down it can spread its roots. Or leave a pressurized hub or networks where humans could exist. A Dyson Tree, just like any other tree or plant could be viewed as a chemical factory. It could liberate N2, O2 (breathable air) and produce O3

A Dyson Tree could be assigned ability to synthesize extremozymes, enzymes which are typically exhibited in extremophiles. These biological modifications could serve as a resistance to extreme heat, cold, salinity, acidity, radioactivity, improved (inter/intra)cellular interactions… etc.

Over time I (Terraformer) expect this page will be home to a multitude of hypothetical (G.M.) beings offering a biological solution to space colonization as well as its settlement.