Someday, perhaps in somewhere in this century, we might colonize rogue worlds, or make them. it is not impossible to make an inhabited rogue super earth, considering the existence of extremophiles.

advantages and disadvantagesEdit


  • rogue worlds do not orbit stars,so they are at no risk of being vaporised by a dying star.therefore, any life that develops there will be around for a long time.

The processEdit

To make a rogue world, we will have to start by making a piece of iron and nickel the size of a kid's head and pushing it beyond earth's atmosphere, then pushing it farther out by a space ship. the iron and nickle, which is the core, should have a dome of frozen water with the same composition as seawater that is 10 inches thick.then, as it travels farther beyond earth, the moon's gravity will briefly melt some ice deep down on the core, a good time to introduce organic elements into the small ocean, which will in the future cause native extremophile bacteria to develop and evolve into more complex life, removing the need to put our own creatures there, which in the early stages of development into a planet couldn't survive. as the rogue planet goes farther away from the sun, it will get colder, so we will need to bring another chunk of iron and nickel with an ice dome to tail the rogue planet on it's journey, and as the pair increase in size from the wastes of the bacteria that develop, their gravitational pulls increase, and this causes sporadic eruptions that may cause other rogue planets to develop, warming up the one rogue planet. the spaceship will land on the rogue planet's surface once the planet is large enough to land a spaceship. as the planet is warmed up, the ice melts, and soon any meteors, comets, or asteroids that it attracts will collide with it, and soon it increases in size, and tidal heating will eventually cause the existence of a planet-wide ocean. soon, true islands made by the piled up remains of extraterrestrial sea life will be dotting the planet-wide ocean, and eventually, as more of these remains wash up onto the shore, the island will expand, and as plants settle nearer to shore, they will soon evolve into land plants, releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. then, if rivers establish, some intrepid fish will enter the bay, and work their way upstream, eventually starting to crawl onto the banks, then finally setting foot on land. their wastes will expand the island, turning it into a continent. then they will become like reptiles, evolving into reptilians, then eventually taking to the skies. later, with some chance, intelligent life forms will evolve and,with our help, explore the galaxies.

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