Chariklo is a centaur orbiting the Sun between Saturn and Uranus. It is almost locked in a 3:4 resonnance with the latter. Chariklo has a diameter of ~250 kilometers and thus Mike Brown has listed it as a possible dwarf planet. Chariklo has been confirmed to have rings.

Colonizing and paraterraforming the object Edit

A mission to the asteroid has not been too seriously considered yet.

Far future proposal Edit

Chariklo might become a candidate for colonization in the future, when our Sun becomes a red giant. The game Universe Sandbox has included the zone between Saturn and Uranus, basically where Chariko orbits, in the habitable zone when the Sun has expanded to it's biggest extent. However, Chariklo may be dynamically unstable so it's orbit may have changed too much before that.

Rings Edit

Chariklo has rings and possible moon(s) that may consist of water ice. Thus, when paraterraforming Chariklo, the moons and rings could be collided with the asteroid, giving water to the surface.

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