this sounds weird, but it is possible to make a planet with a living core.


  • don't worry, this kind of planet with a living core will not talk and have intelligence. the core will be made of microbes, , but a planet with a living core would make a very popular tourist attraction.
  • the microbes in the core will diversify and create new microbe species that might contain chemicals that could cure diseases, or even help regenerate body parts.
  • the waste products created by the core would be under pressure and create certain molecules that could provide powerful fuel.

the processEdit

first we would need two objects. one would orbit the growing planet, while the other would be a water-ice encircled would be the foundation for the bacteria to colonize. then a powerful machine would bombard a rich soup of organic molecules with heat and electricity. soon, living bacteria would evolve. these would then be put into the

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