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15 Eunomia

15 Eunomia

15 Eunomia
 is a very large asteroid in the inner asteroid belt. It is the largest of the stony (S-type) asteroids, and somewhere between the 8th-to-12th-largest main-belt asteroid overall (uncertainty in diameters causes uncertainty in its ranking). It is the largest Eunomian asteroid, and is estimated to contain 1% of the mass of the asteroid belt.15 Eunomia will be very hard to terraform because of its size. We will need to send a large Probe or even a small type asteroid to 15 Eunomia. A small type asteroid to 15 Eunomia will be much easer. We will have to send a heating device to one of the asteroids.15 Euromia orbit is between Mars and Jupiter indicating that it will be a very easy to terraform.The heating probe will be close to Mars.It will send food and resouces to the people that live on Mars, Phobos and Deimos. There will be atmosphere Probes on Deimos. The Atmosphere Probes will now leave Deimos and put an even more atmosphere on Deimos making it a very small type hyper-earth moon. Probes from Deimos will no circle around 15 Eunomia and make an Atmosphere. The Atmosphere will not be ready. The Probe from earth will now enter inside the Atmosphere of 15 Eunomia. The Probe will now enter inside the Atmosphere of 15 Eunomia. As the Probe enter inside the atmosphere.There will be a ripid change in the Atmosphere because of its small size and distance from the sun.15 Eunomia is located .15 Eunomia will now have a warm fogy Atmosphere. 15 Eunomia will now have rain storms covering the surface.It will now have an earth-like Atmosphere.


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